To use FSR's with the smoothieboard an aux board is needed to interface the FSR's to the smoothieboard's endstop input. Smoothieware will accept this input as if it was a simple mechanical switch.

JohnSL on Github has created such a board. It is available via AndOrNot, TriD Printing & UltiBots. See John's blog post about the board. This board is powered from the endstop pins. Also see AndOrNot's write up on FSR's design for a delta printer FSR pad design.

There is also a 4-point FSR controller called “Toucher” on Github suitable for square heat beds on cartesian machines. Reference FSR mount design is published on Thingiverse.

The Deltabot group is where most discussion on using FSR's is located. Topics to look for are:

  • Alternative boards like the arduino mini.
  • WingWong's trinket derived design.
  • Mounting of FSR's