Before accessing the forum, please read the following recommendations :

General advice when asking for help

  • Please read the Troubleshooting section before you ask for help, in case your question is answered there.
  • A lot of questions have already been asked in the past. It might be worth it searching the forum for an answer to your question. The wiki may also have the answer you are searching for, you can use the search function here and on the forum.
  • Please mention your board type, OS, machine type, and any other useful information.
  • If you are using a MKS or an AZSMZ board, please note that those boards are toxic to the community and project. As such, we respectfully request that you first contact the seller for help before asking in the forum or anywhere else in the community. Community members generally do not want to help companies that hurt the project we are all building. Please read this before posting.
  • It's likely if you don't post your configuration file, you will be asked for your configuration file, so save everyone ( including you ) some time and just post your config file right away with your first post, but NEVER paste the config in the forum, paste it to, and share the link in the forum instead.
  • If your problem has anything to do with files or config not being taken into account, please format your SD card, start with a fresh config file example and most recent firmware and port your config over, then try again
  • Before posting about your problem, please make sure you are using the latest firmware and config, as well as the latest version of your host software.
  • Instead of pasting your full configuration file or large portions of it, you can go to the website. There you can post your config options, submit, and get a sharable link. You can then give us your link instead of the configuration options. This is cleaner and easier for the persons trying to help you. Alternatively, you can use the proper tags to “pack” your config file in a way where it is not completely displayed and users have to “expand” it, see forum formatting documentation.
  • If you have discovered a bug ( and only if you have discovered a bug ), you can report it as an “issue” on github so the developers know about it and volunteers can try to work on solving it. Before posting an issue please read these guidelines.
2022/07/17 17:35

Forum posting guidelines

Here are a few tips for those creating a new forum thread :

  • If you do not get an answer in the forum, maybe try the support mailing list and IRC channel. Please, if you post a question here, then go to IRC where it is answered immediately, come back here to delete the post so that somebody doesn't answer it here for nothing.
  • Please put : [[details="config.txt"|]][[code|]]Your config file's content[[/code|]][[/details|]] around your copy/pasted configuration files, or any other large file, it makes them much easier to read. Please post your configuration file if you think it has any chance of being relevant.
2022/07/17 17:35