Here is a list of the useful resources you want to read if you want to contribute to the project : 

2022/07/17 17:35

How to submit a pull request to the Smoothieware Github project

NOTE we use edge as our stable branch (master is no longer maintained). We do not have an unstable branch, so this is why we only allow very well tested PRs into edge.

Fork the original repositiory

Create a Fork in your github of by clicking the Fork button

You will now have a forked repository in your list of repositories

Clone the forked repository

You can get the URL for cloning that repository by clicking the copy URL button

On your local workstation clone the repository:

git clone <your github fork of smoothie>

Create a new branch for your bugfix / feature

Create a fix branch with a descriptive name:

git checkout -b fix/some-error
NOTE only one feature/bug fix per branch please

Edit the file to fix the error


  • Check the fix!!!
  • Make sure your changes are coincide with our coding standards! (use 4 spaces per indent and not tabs, etc.)

Commit your changes and push it back on Github

Commit the changes:

git commit -am 'introduced lots of bugs'

Push the branch to your github:

git push origin fix/some-error

Submit your pull request

In github there should be a button that says pull request for that branch, click it

Select edge as the destination branch, add comments


  • Check the Files Changed Tab in Github to make sure only the files you want to change are listed
  • Check that only the lines you want changed are changed

Finally, submit the pull request

Try this game.