Issuing an M23 selects a file that will be used to subsequently print using the M24 command. The file will remain “selected” and all subsequent M24 commands will print that file until a different file selection (M23) is made. If the file does not exist on the SD card an error will be returned (ERROR?). The M23 command can be used to restart a file from the beginning, use M23 to reset it, then M24 to print.


Refers to running a job on any Smoothie attached device such as 3D printer, Laser engraver/cutter, CNC router etc.


The command is used as such : 

M23  [[filename.gco|]]

Which means: Select the file to be used in the subsequent M24 print/resume command.


Parameter Usage Example
Filename The file, on the SD card, will be printed in the subsequent M24 command M20 myGcodeFile.gco

The Filename identifies the file to be used by subsequent M24 commands

Smoothie supports long filenames and 8.3 format

If your SDcard contents was:

  • *config.txt



This means if you command : 

M23 myGcode.gco 

The file myGcode.gco would be queued for subsequent printing with the M24 command


The M23 command requires no special configuration settings

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