Smoothieboards come pre-flashed

You do not need to flash your Smoothieboard when you get it. You only need to do so to update it to a newer version of the firmware if you wish.

When you upgrade to a newer version, make sure you also upgrade your configuration file

Make sure the very first time you plug your board in, you let it on for at least 20 seconds : it might try flashing it's firmware the first time it boots, and interrupting it is bad ( solution if this happens : flashing it again ).

Recent stable builds of the firmware can be found here :

Very latest are called …_latest.bin


For CNC machines a CNC specific build can be found here and rename to firmware.bin

This build has the spindle module compiled in, but not the extruder or temperature control modules.
It also only has 3 axis compiled in.

Then you can flash the new binary by following the guidelines here

If you want the very latest bleeding edge, you can also compile it yourself, come to IRC if you need help with compilation.


If you are upgrading from a previous version of master or edge check for upgrade notes in the github root directory.

Smoothie can be found on GitHub at the following address: 

You can retrieve the code using git :

git clone git://

For instruction to compile Smoothie from source, please see compiling-smoothie.

Latest Smoothie commits

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2019/10/27 12:08 · arthur

Edge branch

You will be on the edge branch by default.

The edge branch is always more up to date.

You probably want to be on the edge branch to compile.

If you want to compile the master branch, please do :

git checkout master