How to submit Windows System Information

If you are experiencing driver problems on Windows we may ask you to complete these steps to submit your system's information for review. The driver problems seem to only affect some computers and it does not seem specific to which version of Windows is being run. With reports from multiple affected machines we hope to identify the specific cause of the problem.

Please perform the following steps on the computer with the driver difficulties:

1. Plug a Smoothieboard into a USB port of this computer.

2. Press <Windows+R> to open the Run dialog box

3. Type “msinfo32” into the box and hit <Enter>

4. In the “System Information” application press <Ctrl-S> or select “File”, and “Save…” from the menu

5. Save the .NFO file to a known location with a filename that includes your name or alias, the computer's name, and the date of export

6. Email this file as an attachment to

Thanks for your help!