temperatureswitch.module_name.enable true Create and enable a new TemperatureSwitch module if set to true. This module automatically toggles a Switch module at a specified temperature ( read from a TemperatureControl module ).
temperatureswitch.module_name.designator T This module does not read temperature by itself, it asks an existing TemperatureControl for it's current temperature. This is used to specify which module to read temperature from, and must match the designator for that module.
temperatureswitch.module_name.switch misc This module does not have any output by itself, instead, it switches the state of an existing Switch module. Here you must speficy the name of that Switch module.
temperatureswitch.module_name.threshold_temp 60 Turn the switch ON above this temperature, and OFF below this temperature. In °C.
temperatureswitch.module_name.heatup_poll 15 Poll temperature at this frequency ( in seconds ) when heating up.
temperatureswitch.module_name.cooldown_poll 60 Poll temperature at this frequency ( in seconds ) when cooling down.
temperatureswitch.module_name.trigger level can be level, rising, falling - level is the default
temperatureswitch.module_name.inverted false will turn the switch off when the temp > target and vice versa when set true
temperatureswitch.module_name.arm_mcode 1100 M code used to arm the edge triggered switch eg M1100 S1 arms it