leveling-strategy.rectangular-grid.enable true The strategy must be enabled in the config, as well as the zprobe module.
leveling-strategy.rectangular-grid.x_size 190 the distance from homed position to the right edge of the bed in mm
leveling-strategy.rectangular-grid.y_size 180 the distance from homed position to the top edge edge in mm
leveling-strategy.rectangular-grid.size 7 The size of the grid (X size == Y size), for example, 7 causes a 7×7 grid with 49 points. Must be an odd number.
leveling-strategy.rectangular-grid.grid_x_size 9 The X size of the grid. For X size != Y size. Must be an odd number.
leveling-strategy.rectangular-grid.grid_y_size 7 The Y size of the grid. For X size != Y size. Must be an odd number.
leveling-strategy.rectangular-grid.probe_offsets 0,0,0 Optional probe offsets from the nozzle or tool head in mm
leveling-strategy.rectangular-grid.save false If the saved grid is to be loaded on boot then this must be set to true
leveling-strategy.rectangular-grid.initial_height 10 The initial_height (in mm) tells the initial probe where to move to in Z before it probes, this should be around 5-10mm above the bed
leveling-strategy.rectangular-grid.human_readable true Human readable formatting of probe table
leveling-strategy.rectangular-grid.only_by_two_corners true G29/31/32 will not work without providing XYAB parameters: XY - start point, AB rectangle size from starting point. “Two corners”“ not absolutely correct name for this mode, because it use only one corner and rectangle size. This mode designed for PCB milling when you work with board size differ from bed size. More about this mode in PCB milling
leveling-strategy.rectangular-grid.dampening_start 0.5 Compansation normally is applied for all heights, with full power. If you set this setting to a height, the compensation will start to be applied less and less (linearly) until “height_limit” is reached. Any height before this setting is still will be compensated fully
leveling-strategy.rectangular-grid.height_limit 1 The compensation algorithm will stop working after this limit, starting from the “dampening_start” parameter. After the height goes through this limit, no more compansation will be applied
leveling-strategy.rectangular-grid.before_probe_gcode M280 automatically deploy a bltouch probe before the probing
leveling-strategy.rectangular-grid.after_probe_gcode M281 automatically stow the bltouch after probing