default_feed_rate 4000 Default rate for G1/G2/G3 moves in millimetres/minute. This is overrided by the first F ( feedrate ) parameter after reset, and never used again.
default_seek_rate 4000 Default rate for G0 moves in millimetres/minute
mm_max_arc_error 0.01 Arcs are cut into segments ( lines ), This is the maximum error for line segments that divide arcs
mm_per_line_segment 5 Lines can be cut into segments ( generally not useful with cartesian coordinates robots ), this sets the maximum length of any given segment. Segments longer than this will be cut into several segments.
delta_segments_per_second 100 Instead of cutting lines into segment based on a distance, cut them based on time : segments will be cut so that Smoothie executes -about- Delta_segments_per_second segments each second. This is mostly useful when using Linear_delta arm solutions.
planner_queue_size 32 Defines how many blocks ( line segments ) are stored in RAM for look-ahead acceleration calculation. Do not change this unless you know exactly what you are doing, the reason why is increasing the size of the queue makes it take up more RAM space and can result in Smoothie running out of RAM, depending on your configuration and how much the rest of your modules take up space.
acceleration 3000 Acceleration in millimetres/second/second. Higher values make your machine faster and shakier, lower values make your machine slower and sturdier. This is generally proportional to the weight of the tool you are trying to move.
alpha_acceleration Acceleration in millimetres/second/second for the alpha actuator ( X axis on cartesian ), do not set on deltas
beta_acceleration Acceleration in millimetres/second/second for the beta actuator ( Y axis on cartesian ), do not set on deltas
gamma_acceleration Acceleration in millimetres/second/second for the gamma actuator ( Z axis on cartesian ), do not set on deltas
junction_deviation 0.05 Similar to the old “max_jerk”, in millimeters. Defines how much the machine slows down when decelerating proportional to the vector angle of change of direction. See here and here. Lower values mean being more careful, higher values means being faster and have more jerk
z_junction_deviation 0 Junction deviation for Z only moves, -1 uses junction_deviation, 0 disables Junction_deviation on z moves. Do not set this value if you use a delta arm solution.
minimum_planner_speed 0 Sets the minimum planner speed in millimetres/sec. This is the lowest speed the planner will ever set a move to. Not generally useful.
microseconds_per_step_pulse 1 Duration of step pulses to the stepper motor drivers, in microseconds. Actual step pulse is generally 2us above this (so 1 will actually be 2-3us). Setting this over about 8us will cause severe issues with step generation
base_stepping_frequency 100000 Base frequency for stepping, higher values gives smoother movement. Do not modify unless you know exactly what you are doing, 100khz is the only officially supported value.