Issuing an M24 causes the file selected with the M23 command to be printed. If the print was previously paused with M25, printing is resumed from that point. To restart a file from the beginning, use M23 to reset it, then M24. When this command is used to resume a print that was paused, Smoothieware runs macro file resume.g prior to resuming the print.


Refers to running a job on any Smoothie attached device such as 3D printer, Laser engraver/cutter, CNC router etc.


The command is used as such : 


Which means: Print the file that was previously selected by the M23 command.


Parameter Usage Example

The M24 command requires no parameters.

If your SDcards contents was:

  • config.txt
  • firmware.cur
  • Readme.txt
  • myGgcode.gco

And you previously executed M23 myGcode.gco, then issuing the command:


Will result in the gcode commands in the file myGcode.gco being executed.


The M24 command requires no special configuration settings

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