LPC4337 Pin Usage

ARM Pin GPIO Pin LPCXpresso v2-proto1 v2pro-proto1 Comment
P0_0 GPIO0_0 D12/- eth rxd1 eth rxd1 Ssp1_miso
P0_1 GPIO0_1 D11/- eth txen eth txen Ssp1_mosi
P1_0 GPIO0_4 D8/- eth led y eth led y
P1_1 GPIO0_8 -/- boot0 boot0 Ssp1_miso, select boot source, led1, Pwm
P1_2 GPIO0_9 -/D9 boot1 boot1 Ssp0_mosi, select boot source, led2, Pwm
P1_3 GPIO0_10 D9/D12 spi1 miso spi1 miso Pwm , Ssp1_miso
P1_4 GPIO0_11 spi1 mosi spi1 mosi Pwm , Ssp1_mosi
P1_5 GPIO1_8 spi1 ssel spi1 ssel Pwm , Ssp1_ssel
P1_6 GPIO1_9 sd cmd sd cmd Sd_cmd
P1_7 GPIO1_0 ? servo1 Pwm
P1_8 GPIO1_1 ? servo2 Pwm
P1_9 GPIO1_2 sd dat0 sd dat0 Pwm, Sd_dat0
P1_10 GPIO1_3 sd dat1 sd dat1 Pwm, Sd_dat1
P1_11 GPIO1_4 sd dat2 sd dat2 Pwm, Sd_dat2
P1_12 GPIO1_5 sd dat3 sd dat3 Sd_dat3
P1_13 GPIO1_6 sd cd sd cd Uart1+Tx, Sd_cd
P1_14 GPIO1_7 ? fpga ssel Uart1+Rx
P1_15 GPIO0_2 eth rxd0 eth rxd0 Uart2+Tx
P1_16 GPIO0_3 eth crs eth crs Uart2+Rx
P1_17 GPIO0_12 eth mdio eth mdio Can1+Tx
P1_18 GPIO0_13 eth txd0 eth txd0 Can1+Rx
P1_19 - D13/- eth ref clk eth ref clk Ssp1_sck
P1_20 GPIO0_15 eth txd1 eth txd1 Ssp1_ssel
P2_0 GPIO5_0 uart0 txd uart0 txd debug uart Uart0+Tx
P2_1 GPIO5_1 uart0 rxd uart0 rxd debug uart Uart0+Rx
P2_2 GPIO5_2 mosfet1 mosfet1
P2_3 GPIO5_3 i2c1 sda I2c1+Sda, Uart3+Tx
P2_4 GPIO5_4 i2c1 scl I2c1+Scl, Uart3+Rx
P2_5 GPIO5_5 mosfet2 mosfet2
P2_6 GPIO5_6 mosfet3 mosfet3
P2_7 GPIO0_7 isp isp Pwm, bootloader programming button
P2_8 GPIO5_7 boot2 boot2 Pwm, select boot source, led3
P2_9 GPIO1_10 boot3 boot3 Pwm, select boot source, led4
P2_10 GPIO0_14 uart2 txd Pwm, Uart2+Tx
P2_11 GPIO1_11 uart2 rxd Pwm, Uart2+Rx
P2_12 GPIO1_12 ? servo4 Pwm
P2_13 GPIO1_13 ? fpga init
P3_0 - - - Ssp0_sck
P3_1 GPIO5_8 can0 rd Can0+Rx
P3_2 GPIO5_9 can0 td Can0+Tx
P3_3 - spi0 sck Ssp0_sck, Spi+Sck, Spifi+Sck
P3_4 GPIO1_14 uart1 txd Uart1+Tx, Spifi+Sio3
P3_5 GPIO1_15 uart1 rxd Uart1+Rx, Spifi+Sio2
P3_6 GPIO0_6 spi0 miso Spi+Miso, Spifi+Miso, Ssp0+Ssel, Ssp0_miso
P3_7 GPIO5_10 spi0 mosi Spi+Mosi, Spifi+Mosi, Ssp0_miso, Ssp0_mosi
P3_8 GPIO5_11 spi0 ssel Spi+Ssel, Spifi+Cs, Ssp0_mosi, Ssp0_ssel
P4_0 GPIO2_0 pause btn pause btn
P4_1 GPIO2_1 uart3 txd Uart3+Tx, Pwm, Adc
P4_2 GPIO2_2 uart3 rxd Uart3+Rx, Pwm
P4_3 GPIO2_3 pause led pause led Pwm , Adc
P4_4 GPIO2_4 dac Dac, Pwm
P4_5 GPIO2_5 ? fpga sck Pwm
P4_6 GPIO2_6 ? fpga mosi Pwm
P4_7 - - - not connected (no useful function)
P4_8 GPIO5_12 ? fpga miso Can1+Tx
P4_9 GPIO5_13 ? fpga sio2 Can1+Rx
P4_10 GPIO5_14 ? fpga sio3
P5_0 GPIO2_9 es xmin es xmin
P5_1 GPIO2_10 es xmax es xmax
P5_2 GPIO2_11 es ymin es ymin
P5_3 GPIO2_12 es ymax es ymax
P5_4 GPIO2_13 es zmin es zmin
P5_5 GPIO2_14 es zmax es zmax
P5_6 GPIO2_15 ? fpga prog Uart1+Tx
P5_7 GPIO2_7 ? fpga done Uart1+Rx
P6_0 - - - not connected (no useful function)
P6_1 GPIO3_0 mot1 step mot1 step
P6_2 GPIO3_1 mot1 dir mot1 dir
P6_3 GPIO3_2 mot2 step mot2 step
P6_4 GPIO3_3 mot2 dir mot2 dir Uart0+Rx
P6_5 GPIO3_4 mot3 step mot3 step Pwm, Uart0+Rx
P6_6 GPIO0_5 mosfet4 mosfet4
P6_7 GPIO5_15 mosfet5 mosfet5
P6_8 GPIO5_16 mosfet6 mosfet6
P6_9 GPIO3_5 mot3 dir mot3 dir
P6_10 GPIO3_6 mot4 step mot4 step
P6_11 GPIO3_7 mot4 dir mot4 dir
P6_12 GPIO2_8 pwmout pwmout Pwm
P7_0 GPIO3_8 mot5 step mot5 step Pwm
P7_1 GPIO3_9 mot5 dir mot5 dir Pwm, Uart2+Tx
P7_2 GPIO3_10 mot1 en 5v ext enn Uart2+Rx
P7_3 GPIO3_11 mot2 en host pwr
P7_4 GPIO3_12 mot3 en ssr1 Pwm, Adc
P7_5 GPIO3_13 mot4 en ssr2 Pwm, Adc
P7_6 GPIO3_14 mot5 en servo3 Pwm
P7_7 GPIO3_15 eth mdc eth mdc Pwm, Adc
P8_0 GPIO4_0
P8_1 GPIO4_1
P8_2 GPIO4_2
P8_3 GPIO4_3
P8_4 GPIO4_4
P8_5 GPIO4_5
P8_6 GPIO4_6
P8_7 GPIO4_7
P9_0 GPIO4_12 Ssp0_ssel
P9_1 GPIO4_13 Ssp0_miso
P9_2 GPIO4_14 Ssp0_mosi
P9_3 GPIO4_15 Uart3_tx
P9_4 GPIO5_17 Uart3_rx
P9_5 GPIO5_18 Uart0_tx
P9_6 GPIO4_11 Uart0_rx
PA_1 GPIO4_8 Uart2_tx
PA_2 GPIO4_9 Uart2_rx
PA_3 GPIO4_10
PA_4 GPIO5_19 Pwm
PB_0 GPIO5_20
PB_1 GPIO5_21 Pwm
PB_2 GPIO5_22 Pwm
PB_3 GPIO5_23 Pwm
PB_4 GPIO5_24
PB_5 GPIO5_25
PB_6 GPIO5_26 Adc
PC_0 Adc, Sd_clk
PC_1 GPIO6_0
PC_2 GPIO6_1
PC_3 GPIO6_2 Dac, Adc
PC_4 GPIO6_3
PC_5 GPIO6_4
PC_6 GPIO6_5
PC_7 GPIO6_6
PC_8 GPIO6_7
PC_9 GPIO6_8
PC_10 GPIO6_9
PC_11 GPIO6_10
PC_12 GPIO6_11
PC_13 GPIO6_12 Uart1_tx
PC_14 GPIO6_13 Uart1_rx
PD_0 GPIO6_14 Pwm
PD_1 GPIO6_15
PD_2 GPIO6_16 Pwm
PD_3 GPIO6_17 Pwm
PD_4 GPIO6_18 Pwm
PD_5 GPIO6_19 Pwm
PD_6 GPIO6_20 Pwm
PD_7 GPIO6_21
PD_8 GPIO6_22
PD_9 GPIO6_23 Pwm
PD_10 GPIO6_24
PD_11 GPIO6_25 Pwm
PD_12 GPIO6_26 Pwm
PD_13 GPIO6_27 Pwm
PD_14 GPIO6_28 Pwm
PD_15 GPIO6_29 Pwm
PD_16 GPIO6_30 Pwm
PE_0 GPIO7_0 Can1+Tx
PE_1 GPIO7_1 Can1+Rx
PE_2 GPIO7_2 Can0+Rx
PE_3 GPIO7_3 Can0+Tx
PE_4 GPIO7_4
PE_5 GPIO7_5 Pwm
PE_6 GPIO7_6 Pwm
PE_7 GPIO7_7 Pwm
PE_8 GPIO7_8 Pwm
PE_9 GPIO7_9
PE_10 GPIO7_10
PE_11 GPIO7_11 Pwm Uart1+Tx
PE_12 GPIO7_12 Pwm Uart1+Rx
PE_13 GPIO7_13 Pwm I2c1+Sda
PE_14 GPIO7_14
PE_15 GPIO7_15 Pwm I2c1+Scl
PF_0 Ssp0_sck
PF_1 GPIO7_16 Ssp0_ssel
PF_2 GPIO7_16 Uart3+Tx, Ssp0_miso
PF_3 GPIO7_18 Uart3+Rx, Ssp0_mosi
PF_4 Ssp1_sck
PF_5 GPIO7_19 Ssp1_ssel
PF_6 GPIO7_20 Adc, Ssp1_miso
PF_7 GPIO7_21 Adc, Ssp1_mosi
PF_8 GPIO7_22 Adc
PF_9 GPIO7_23 Pwm, Adc
PF_10 GPIO7_24 Uart0+Tx, Adc
PF_11 GPIO7_25 Uart0+Rx, Adc
ADC0 Adc
ADC1 Adc
ADC2 Adc
ADC3 Adc
ADC4 Adc
ADC5 Adc
ADC6 Adc
ADC7 Adc
CLK0 Sd_clk, Ssp1_sck
I2C0_SCL I2c+Scl
I2C0_SDA I2c+Scl

NOTE The italicized pins are hardcoded and would need to be changed in the source code. The rest are soft configurable in config.

Chip Pin Module Pin Breakout Pin Arduino Pin Smoothieboard 2.0 Pro Comment
GP128 65 J17.14 D2 edison led
GP129 63 J18.12 D4 mcu reset connected to mcu reset
GP130 61 J18.13 D0 uart1 rx connected to mcu uart1 txd
GP131 46 J19.8 D1 uart1 tx connected to mcu uart1 rxd
GP165 25 J18.2 A5 host shifter oe
GP77 60 J19.12 - host breakout: sd0 cd
GP78 58 J20.11 - host breakout: sd0 clk
GP79 62 J20.12 - host breakout: sd0 cmd
GP80 66 J20.13 - host breakout: sd0 d0
GP81 70 J20.14 - host breakout: sd0 d1
GP82 64 J19.13 - host breakout: sd0 d2
GP83 68 J19.14 - host breakout: sd0 d3
GP84 44 J20.8 - host breakout: sd0 clk fb
GP134 22 J20.3 - host breakout: uart2 rxd
GP135 27 J17.5 - host breakout: uart2 txd
GP40 52 J19.10 - panel breakout: spi2 sck
GP41 54 J20.10 - panel breakout: spi2 ssel
GP42 50 J20.9 - panel breakout: spi2 moso
GP43 56 J19.11 - panel breakout: spi2 misi
panel breakout: enc a
panel breakout: enc b
panel breakout: click
panel breakout: button
panel breakout: buzz
GP109 55 J17.11 spi5 sck
GP110 53 J18.10 spi5 ssel a
GP111 51 J17.10 spi5 ssel b
GP114 59 J18.11 spi5 misi
GP115 57 J17.12 spi5 moso

One/Pro/Duo ^ Zpuino Pin ^ Smoothieboard 2.0 Pro ^ Comment |

B0_1P fpga hswapen
B0_1N mot3 sg tst
B0_2P mot3 miso
B0_2N mot3 mosi
B0_3P mot3 sck
B0_3N mot3 cs
B0_4P mot3 dir
B0_4N mot3 step
B0_34P mot3 en
B0_34N mot2 sg tst
B0_35P mot2 miso
B0_35N mot2 mosi
B0_36P mot2 sck
B0_36N mot2 cs
B0_37P mot2 dir
B0_37N mot2 step
B0_62P mot2 en
B0_62N mot1 sg tst
B0_63P mot1 miso
B0_63N mot1 mosi
B0_64P mot1 sck
B0_64N mot1 cs
B0_65P mot1 dir
B0_65N mot1 step
B0_66P mot1 en
B0_66N ?
B1_1P mcu uart3 txd
B1_1N mcu uart3 rxd
B1_32P mcu spi1 ssel
B1_32N mcu spi1 sck
B1_33P mcu spi1 mosi
B1_33N mcu spi1 miso
B1_34P mcu i2c1 sda
B1_34N mcu i2c1 scl
B1_40P oscillator
B1_40N mcu clkout
B1_41P mcu can0 td
B1_41N mcu can0 rd
B1_42P servo1
B1_42N servo2
B1_43P servo3
B1_43N servo4
B1_45P wing b15
B1_45N wing b14
B1_46P wing a1
B1_46N wing a0
B1_47P wing b13
B1_47N wing b12
B1_74P wing a3
B1_74N wing a2
B2_DONE fpga done
B2_1P fpga sck
B2_1N fpga m0
B2_2P ?
B2_2N fpga ssel
B2_3P fpga mosi
B2_3N fpga miso
B2_12P fpga sio2
B2_12N fpga sio3
B2_13P fpga m1
B2_13N pwmout
B2_14P wing b11
B2_14N wing b10
B2_30P wing a5
B2_30N wing a4
B2_31P wing b9
B2_31N wing b8
B2_48P wing a7
B2_48N wing a6
B2_49P wing b7
B2_49N wing b6
B2_62P wing a9
B2_62N wing a8
B2_64P wing b5
B2_64N wing b4
B2_65P fpga init
B2_65N ?
B2_PROG fpga prog
B3_1P wing a11
B3_1N wing a10
B3_2P wing b3
B3_2N wing b2
B3_36P wing a13
B3_36N wing a12
B3_37P wing b1
B3_37N wing b0
B3_41P wing a15
B3_41N wing a14
B3_42P mot5 dir
B3_42N mot5 step
B3_43P mot5 en
B3_43N mot4 dir
B3_44P mot4 step
B3_44N mot4 en
B3_49P mot sleep
B3_49N mot reset
B3_50P digipot sda
B3_50N digipot scl
B3_51P mot6 en
B3_51N mot6 step
B3_52P mot6 dir
B3_52N mot7 en
B3_83P mot7 step
B3_83N mot7 dir