Used for HBot or Corexy.



Set arm_solution to corexy or hbot in config, for example, add this line to your configuration file :

arm_solution      corexy

Then uncomment corexy_homing in config if using homing

Also it is recommended to set


to the top speed your steppers can go, as these refer to the actuator speed (the X and Y steppers) which on a corexy can run nearly twice as fast as the requested Cartesian speed when going in certain directions.

Movement in the X direction or Y direction always involves both alpha and beta motors. This can make it confusing to configure a corexy solution. If you find that after wiring and configuring your printer that movement is wrong, then these possible solutions may help:

Problem Possible Solution
My axes are swapped Invert the signal of one motor by adding or removing '!'
One of my axes goes in the wrong direction Swap the alpha and beta cables or swap the pin assignments