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extruder.module_name.enable true Whether to activate the extruder module at all. All configuration is ignored if false. Each time an extruder.-module_name-.enable line is encountered, an extruder module with the name «module_name» will be created.
extruder.module_name.steps_per_mm 140 Steps/millimetre for the extruder stepper motor. This is the number of steps to move one millimetre of filament.Learn more
extruder.module_name.filament_diameter 1.74 Filament diameter, in millimetres, used for volumetric extrusion control.Learn more
extruder.module_name.default_feed_rate 600 Default rate in millimetres/minute for moves where only the extruder moves. This is only used if you have never provided a feedrate via the f parameter. Once you specify a f parameter, it will be used as the Extruder feed rate until you reset the board.
extruder.module_name.acceleration 500 Acceleration for the extruder stepper motor, in millimetres/second/second
extruder.module_name.max_speed 50 Maximum allowable speed for the extruder stepper motor, in millimetres/second
extruder.module_name.step_pin 2.3 Pin for extruder stepper motor driver's step signal
extruder.module_name.dir_pin 0.22 Pin for extruder stepper motor driver's direction signal
extruder.module_name.en_pin 0.21 Pin for extruder stepper motor driver's enable signal
extruder.module_name.x_offset 0 Extruder offset from origin in millimetres for the X axis. This is useful when you have multiple extruders to specify the offset from each extruder to the first one.
extruder.module_name.y_offset 0 Extruder offset from origin in millimetres for the Y axis.
extruder.module_name.z_offset 0 Extruder offset from origin in millimetres for the Z axis.
extruder.module_name.retract_length 3 Retract length in millimetres. Retract is a retractation of the filament called using the g10 G-code. It is recovered ( reverted ) using the g11 G-code.Learn more about retractation
extruder.module_name.retract_feedrate 45 Retract feed-rate ( filament speed ) in millimetres/second
extruder.module_name.retract_recover_length 0 Additional length when recovering ( if you retract by 1mm, you will be recovering by 1mm plus this value )
extruder.module_name.retract_recover_feedrate 8 Recovery feed-rate in millimetres/second (should be less than retract feedrate)
extruder.module_name.retract_zlift_length 0 Z-lift on retract in millimeters, set to 0 if you want to disable retraction Z-lift. Z-lift is a small increase in the Z axis position when retracting.
extruder.module_name.retract_zlift_feedrate 6000 Z-lift feed-rate in millimetres/minute ( Note : mm/min NOT mm/sec)
delta_current 1.5 First extruder stepper motor driver ( M4 ) current in Amperes
epsilon_current 1.5 Second extruder stepper motor driver ( M5 ) current in Amperes