Wiring diagram http://files.panucatt.com/datasheets/x5mini_wiring.pdf

Super Quick Start Up Guide:

Things you'll need.

* micro SD card - 2 or 4 GB cards are known to work well

  • USB cable - mini B

The Azteeg X5 mini comes pre-flashed with a bootloader.

* Download the latest firmware - https://github.com/Smoothieware/Smoothieware/tree/edge/FirmwareBin

  You can also connect to the X5 with any serial console program, which should be set to local echo and Linefeed line endings. Typing help will show a list of console commands available, useful commands are:
      version - which shows the current smoothie version
      ls /sd - which lists the files on the sdcard
      play /sd/file - which will print the file from the sdcard