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 </​callout>​ </​callout>​
-By setting the configuration ​like this example ​above, ​you make your compensation ​to be applied ​for full for first 0.5 millimeters, ​start to decrease slowly until height ​is 1 millimeters, and not applied from 1 mm and onward.+By setting the configuration ​as above, ​the compensation ​will be applied ​until MCS is 0.5 millimeters, ​then it starts ​to decrease slowly until MCS is at millimeter, and not applied from 1 mm and onward.
 <callout type="​success"​ icon="​true"​ title="​Limits">​ <callout type="​success"​ icon="​true"​ title="​Limits">​