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 +== Smoothie v1
 +As Smoothie used more and more of the v1 hardware with new features, we started getting stuck and created [[https://​www.kickstarter.com/​projects/​arthurwolf/​smoothieboard-v2|Smoothieboard v2]]
 +Lots of things change with v2, so v1 and v2 can't easily share a documentation. ​
 +This page is here to provide you with a snapshot of the v1 documentation,​ before it was ultimately converted into the v2 documentation.k
 +You can either: ​
 +* Download a clone of the website for local browsing ( there'​s also one of those on your Smoothieboard'​s SD card ): Link
 +* Or go to the clone hosted at [[v1.smoothieware.org|v1.smoothieware.org]]