If you are using a 12v heater on a 24v system

you need to set max_pwm to 64

temperature_control.hotend.max_pwm 64 #

If you are getting 10°C or more initial overshoot of temperature

oyou can set i_max to a lower value (default is max_pwm) 128 seems to be a good value, but it can be tuned with M301 S0 Xnnn where nnn is a number ⇐ max_pwm

temperature_control.hotend.i_max 128 #

To avoid accidental setting of too high a temperature

you can set max_temp to the maximum temp that is safe for the target heater. This will ignore any setting of temperatures that are higher than this and instead set the temp to max_temp. It will also shutdown if this temperature is exceeded.

temperature_control.hotend.max_temp 230    #