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All software below either knows how to interface with, or how to generate g-code for, Smoothieware.

3D Printing


  • bCNC - Open-Source CNC host with great preview and other operations. Set machine type to smoothie. and add Grbl_mode true to your smoothie config (Note: You must update to the latest version of Smoothieware to ensure compatibility with bCNC).
  • - Open-Source Simulation & Computer Aided Machining (Free 3-axis CNC Simulator which understands G-Code)
  • CNC.js - Open-Source CNC host with lots of features, running in your browser.
  • - Open-Source CAD software.
  • GCode plug-in for InkScape - CAM, Output GCode from SVG files in Inkscape.
  • PyCAM - Open-Source CAM software.
  • jscut - Open-Source in-browser CAM software.
  • CamBam - Closed-Source, but cheap and feature-full CAM software. Widely used by hobbyists.
  • Fusion360 - Closed-source CAM with very advanced features, free for hobby/fablab/small business.
  • Fabrica - Easy to use web control interface ( Host )
  • Kiri:Moto by Grid.Space - Free web based toolpath generator with support for FDM, Laser Cutting and CNC Milling.


  • GCode plug-in for InkScape - Laser/CNC CAM : Output GCode from SVG files in Inkscape. Video tutorial.
  • Visicut - Full laser control application ( Host and CAM ), has Smoothieware interface. Video tutorial.
  • LaserWeb - Web-based full laser control application ( Host and CAM ), use to generate GCode but not recommended to use as a streamer of rasters as they do not support streaming to smoothie properly and refuse to cooperate.
  • Fabrica - Easy to use control interface ( Host )
  • Fast streamer - use for streaming raster images from a host to smoothie. Avoids the pauses when using LW to stream. Can handle upwards of 1,000 pixels/sec.


  • This plugin for Fusion360 allows you to start your Gcode files from within Fusion360 directly using Universal Gcode Sender ( skipping the step of first saving the file in Fusion360, then opening it in Universal Gcode Sender )


A few words you will see in this documentation that require a bit of explanation :
  • «Host» software is software that is used to “talk” to your Smoothieboard. It allows you to control the machine ( for example “jog” the axes ), to “stream” a G-code job, or to upload it to the SD card, things like that.
  • «Slicing» software is software that is used to take a 3D model file, and based on some settings you input, “slice” it into layers, and generate a G-code file that the Smoothieboard can then execute to print a thing.
  • «CAM» software, or «CAM Package», for Computer Assisted Manufacturing, is software that is used to take a 3D or 3D file, and based on some settings you input, transform it into a list of tool movements ( G-code file ) for a machine that uses a tool to remove material from a workpiece.