All software bellow either knows how to interface with, or how to generate g-code for, Smoothieware.

3D Printing


  • bCNC - Open-Source CNC host with great preview and other operations. Set machine type to smoothie. and add grbl_mode true to your smoothie config (Note: You must update to the latest version of Smoothieware to ensure compatibility with bCNC).
  • - Open-Source Simulation & Computer Aided Machining (Free 3-axis CNC Simulator which understands G-Code)
  • - Open-Source CAD software.
  • GCode plug-in for InkScape - Output GCode from SVG files in Inkscape.
  • PyCAM - Open-Source CAM software.
  • More links at
  • jscut - Open-Source in-browser CAM software.
  • CamBam - Closed-Source, but cheap and feature-full CAM software. Widely used by hobbyists.
  • Fusion360 - Closed-source, free for hobby/fablab/small business.
  • Universal Gcode Sender
  • Fabrica - Easy to use control interface