SmoothiePanel is an Open Source Hardware integrated PanelMax using the LPC 1114 ARM Cortex-M0 chip to bring a 20×4 RGB Character Display, UART, SPI, 4bit ADC, 16bit GPIO down to a single I2C port. The basic interface panel supports an illuminated pause button, an illuminated back button, an RGB Click Encoder, and lots of extra io! It is intended to control a Smoothieboard ( GPL too ), though could easily be connected to any system with available I2C.


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The current status of this board is prototyping : design is done, and the first prototypes have arrived and are being assembled by hand. The firmware has not even been started yet. ;)

The Smoothiepanel firmware is designed for maximum usefulness in mind, allowing replaceable and extendable user interface panels. Of course since it is all Open Source Hardware one could even rework the firmware to support a comm style other than I2C or even write custom firmware and use a Smoothiepanel LCD Backpack as the core of your own project!

It's not for sale yet, and there are no pre-orders. But if you'd like to get one first when it's released ( current estimated release date: early 2013 ) , don't hesitate to make a reservation ! Simply make yourself known by email here ( reprap at logxen dot com ) and you'll be added to the list. No strings attached, it's just to help us plan.