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 These resources are used as references: ​ These resources are used as references: ​
-* [http://​www.example.com http://​reprap.org/​wiki/​G-code#​M20:​_List_SD_card] +[[http://​www.example.com|http://​reprap.org/​wiki/​G-code#​M20:​_List_SD_card]
-* [http://​www.example.com http://​reprap.org/​wiki/​G-code#​M-commands] +[[http://​www.example.com|http://​reprap.org/​wiki/​G-code#​M-commands]
-* [http://​smoothieware.org/​supported-g-codes Go to other M-codes]+[[http://​smoothieware.org/​supported-g-codes|Go to other M-codes]]