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 ===AC=== ​ ===AC=== ​
-Alternatice ​current+Alternative ​current 
 +In AC, the current moves back and forth with the changing magnetic field. 
 +This is the type of electricity from wall sockets in your home.
 ===cases/​enclosures=== ===cases/​enclosures===
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 ===DC=== ===DC===
 Direct current Direct current
 +In DC, the current travels in only one direction, for example in batteries.
 === Endstop === === Endstop ===
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 ===nc, no=== ===nc, no===
 ===nozzle=== ===nozzle===
 ===VBB ( stepper motor ) === ===VBB ( stepper motor ) ===
 ===pinout=== ===pinout===
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 Brick type PSU  Brick type PSU 
 ATX type PSU  ATX type PSU 
 +Resistance is a restristion to the flows of electrons.Resistance is measured in Ohms.
 ===sense,​sensor=== ===sense,​sensor===