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 {{page>​pin-configuration}} {{page>​pin-configuration}}
 +== Hard setting configuration
 +You can do away with an editable configuration file altogether if that makes sense in your setup. For example if you don't want users do have an easy way to edit he configuration by editing the configuration file on the SD card.
 +To do this, remove the configuration file from the SD card. Then follow the instructions at http://​smoothieware.org/​compiling-smoothie but before compiling, edit the file named "​config.default"​ to contain the values you want. Then compile, and flash to the board. ​
 +Now the firmware will be configured with the values you set, but users won't be able to edit them using the SD card, and modifying values will require compiling and reflashing.
 +This is useful for example if you are an OEM selling machines where users are not meant to play around with configuration.