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If you are a Marlin user moving to a Smoothie system, you might have an existing configuration you want to port over.

Please note it is imperative you read the whole documentation before using Smoothie. Skipping this step will almost certainly result in damage and danger.

Assuming you have read the documentation ( again : do it, do not skip the documentation ), this page is aimed at helping you understand what Marlin options correspond to what Smoothie options.

This guide follows the general structure of the original Marlin documentation

Baud rate

When talking to your Smoothieboard over USB, the baud rate isn't configurable and it will go as fast as USB allows, any baud rate set in your host software is ignored too.

When talking to your Smoothieboard over the UART port, you have to set the baud rate. In Marlin that is done with : 

#define BAUDRATE 115200

while in Smoothie you change :

uart0.baud_rate                              115200           # Baud rate for the default hardware ( UART ) serial port

In Marlin, you define the number of extruders by changing this value :

#define EXTRUDERS 1

in Smoothie, things are very much more modular, and you configure extruders by creating new extruder modules. If you have one extruder, you create one extruder module, if you have three, you create three extruder modules.

For details see Extruder and Multiple extruders.

If you have multiple extruders but a single nozzle, in Marlin you set the following value : 


But in Smoothie, you do this by creating multiple Extruder modules but only one Temperaturecontrol module.