leveling-strategy.three-point-leveling.enable true Set to true to enable the leveling strategy that probes three points to define a plane and then keeps the Z parallel to that plane. This is useful if your Z plate/bed is not perfectly aligned with your XY gantry
leveling-strategy.three-point-leveling.point1 100.0,0.0 The first probe point (X, Y)
leveling-strategy.three-point-leveling.point2 200.0,200.0 The second probe point (X, Y)
leveling-strategy.three-point-leveling.point3 0.0,200.0 The third probe point (X, Y)
leveling-strategy.three-point-leveling.home_first true Home the X and Y axes before probing
leveling-strategy.three-point-leveling.tolerance 0.03 The probe tolerance in millimetres, anything less that this will be ignored, default is 0.03mm
leveling-strategy.three-point-leveling.probe_offsets 0,0,0 The probe offset from nozzle, must be X,Y,Z (Z should always be 0), default is no offset. This is used if your nozzle is not exactly at the same position as where your tool would be.
leveling-strategy.three-point-leveling.save_plane false Set to true to allow the bed plane to be saved with M500, default is false
leveling-strategy.delta-calibration.enable true Set to true to enable the delta calibration levelling strategy. This uses the probe to figure out the plane's tilt and arm's radius in a delta machine
leveling-strategy.delta-calibration.radius 100 Radius at which to probe the three points
leveling-strategy.delta-calibration.initial_height 10 the initial height above the bed we stop the initial move down after home to find the bed. This should be a height that is enough that the probe will not hit the bed and is an offset from gamma_max (can be set to 0 if gamma_max takes into account the probe offset)