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 Note the <​kbd>​network.hostname</​kbd>​ is optional. (see section 3.14 [[https://​www.ietf.org/​rfc/​rfc2132.txt|https://​www.ietf.org/​rfc/​rfc2132.txt]]) Note the <​kbd>​network.hostname</​kbd>​ is optional. (see section 3.14 [[https://​www.ietf.org/​rfc/​rfc2132.txt|https://​www.ietf.org/​rfc/​rfc2132.txt]])
 += Net command
 +If your network interface doesn'​t work as it should, you can get some debugging information ( such as the current IP ) by sending the <​kbd>​net</​kbd>​ command ( <​kbd>​@net</​kbd>​ from pronterface ) command via the console ( USB or UART ).