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Option Example Value Explanation
joystick.module-name.enable true If true, create and enable a new Joystick module with the name “module_name” 1.30 Which SmoothieBoard pin should be used to read the value. See table above for allowable pins.
joystick.module-name.refresh_rate 10 Sets how many times per second to update the joystick reading
joystick.module-name.zero_offset 1.65 Sets what voltage will map to zero output
joystick.module-name.endpoint 3.3 Sets what voltage will map to +/- 1. If Endpoint is greater than Zero_offset, it specifies what voltage maps to 1, if Endpoint is less than Zero_offset, it specifies what voltage maps to -1
Auto-Zero Configurations
joystick.module-name.auto_zero true If true, enables the auto-zeroing feature, which automatically determines the Zero_offset
joystick.module-name.startup_time 1000 Sets how long (in milliseconds) after SmoothieBoard resets to obtain readings to average for Zero_offset. It must be at least 1000/Refresh_rate, but shouldn't be too long, otherwise the joystick might be moved during the measurement.
joystick.module-name.start_value 0 Sets the default value of the joystick output during the startup time. Should be between -1 and 1