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 M778 M778
 </​code>​ </​code>​
 +An example line of configuration is shown below:
 +jogger.jog_axes ​            ​XY,​XZ,​-Z ​        #​cycle between the joystick horz/vert controlling axes XY, XZ, and nothing/Z when using M778
 +In this example, the jogger will start controlling by controlling XY. When M778 is issued, it will change to XZ. If issued again, it will change to nothing/Z, and if issued once more, go back to XY.
 == Developer Documentation == Developer Documentation
-Link to Jogger developer doc page which gives info on how to interface with joystick ​module ​or change ​the # of jog axes.+For information ​on how to write a module ​which the jogger can read, see the [[jogger-dev|jogger developer documentation]].