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 </​callout>​ </​callout>​
 +==== Multiple drivers in parralel
 +If one of your axes requires more than one motor and driver, you can wire the control signals for one axis to multiple drivers, like so : 
 +<div class='​panel panel-default wrap_center'​ style='​width:​640px;​padding:​10px '>
 +<div class='​panel-heading'><​h4 class='​panel-title'>​External drivers wired in parralel</​h4></​div>​
 +<a href="​http://​smoothieware.org/​_detail/​unnamed.png?​id=general-appendixes"​ class="​media"​ title="​unnamed.png"><​img src="​http://​smoothieware.org/​_media/​unnamed.png?​w=800&​amp;​tok=f1375f"​ class="​media img-responsive"​ alt=""​ width="​620"></​a>​
 ===  Solid State Relays ===  Solid State Relays