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++* G28.1 G-code

G28.1 means “store the origin position that the machine goes to when the G28 command is issued”.

This position is stored into memory, but is lost if the machine is reset. You can make that position permanent by sending the [M500] G-code.

+++ Format

The command is used as such :

code G28.1 X10 Y10

Which means : record the origin position as being at the X position 10 and Y position 10

+++ Parameters

~ Parameter ~ Usage ~ Example
x Record origin position for X axis G28.1 X10
y Record origin position for Y axis G28.1 Y10
z Record origin position for Z axis G28.1 Z10

+++ Friend G-codes

This G-code sets the origin position that the [G28] G-code goes to.

And you can use the [M500] G-code to save this position into the [ config-override] permanently.

+++ Further reading

These resources are used as references for Gcode :