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I will fill out a detailed report when I'm back home. It's strange because M25 works for a played file and it's executed in the same switch statement as M600 (in Player.cpp).

Perhaps it's the ten cycles of the main loop before the suspend part 2 is called that's causing the problem in this case? I'll also try doing something silly like a bunch of duplicate blank G0 commands, since the panel screen module is also registered for the main loop event it might be passing things to the dispatcher and robot still. It doesn't appear to check with anyone if execution of its own command queue is supposed to be suspended.

But, I'm not going to pretend to grok the code, so I have no idea what will actually work. I just suspect the issue is arising from playing the file on the SD card from the GLCD, so I'll also try playing the test file in a couple different ways.

Re: Pause on Tool Change by BillBucketBillBucket, 21 Oct 2016 21:27

I know viki lcd should work with smoothie but it has a rotary dial

Re: Makerbot Style LCD by Or CohenOr Cohen, 21 Oct 2016 13:37

I think this means at this point there is a problem with doing this in a "played" file.
Would you please mind opening an issue ( being as complete as possible ) here :
Following the "How to file an issue" instructions as well as you can.
Post a link to the issue here when done ( or at least give it's number )

Re: Pause on Tool Change by arthurwolfarthurwolf, 21 Oct 2016 09:18

Same behavior, blows right through both the M400 and M600.

M3      ; Enable spindle
G0 Z5   ; Raise up to 5mm
M5      ; Disable spindle
M600    ; Pause
M3      ; Re-enable spindle
G0 Z0   ; Lower back to zero

M5      ; Disable spindle
Re: Pause on Tool Change by BillBucketBillBucket, 21 Oct 2016 00:37

Found the best solution
Just cut off the 5V line on your USB cable

Re: Turn off power from USB by Or CohenOr Cohen, 20 Oct 2016 20:23

I went to take a look at the board last night, only to find nothing wrong with the physical connections. I put everything together and just for giggles tried the extruder motor. Surprisingly, it started to turn. I have no idea what changed, but we seem to be in business.

I'm using an enclosure that came with my CNC mill, which has an on off button.
Can I somehow turn off USB power for the board when this button is off?

I have the power regulator so basically I don't need any power from the USB port

Turn off power from USB by Or CohenOr Cohen, 19 Oct 2016 17:37

The motor (as well as another) works on any of the other drivers, so the wiring from the motor to the connector is fine. Next possible location would be at the soldered in header itself. I'll give that a check tonight once I get home.

Hello everyone! Does anybody know how to apply filament monitor to dual extruders on smoothieware? E.t. if first extruder working - then checked first filament monitor, and if worked secont extruder - then checked second filament monitor.

Re: Filament Detection by Mr_PozitiffMr_Pozitiff, 19 Oct 2016 16:19

"Motor shaking" can be that only 3 of the 4 motor wires actually go to the driver ( check motor on other driver, check driver with other motor ), or that the acceleration or speed is too high for that motor.

So, I'm getting a new cartesian style 3D printer up and running. X, Y, and Z (dual) is working fine and I can shuttle everything around just fine. When it comes to the extruder, I can't seem to get it to work. I have modified the configuration file to change the pin assignment for extruder 1 to the pins for the epsilon driver, and set the current appropriately (set to 1A for the little Nema17 pancake motor), but when I try to command it to rotate, the motor just shakes back and forward. The stepper works fine, as I tried it on one of the other channels. I also tried another spare stepper with no success (also works on other channels).

I'm at a bit of a loss. Everything in the configuration looks fine as far as I can tell. The changes made are shown below:

## Extruder module configuration
extruder.hotend.enable                          true             # Whether to activate the extruder module at all. All configuration is ignored if false
extruder.hotend.steps_per_mm                    140              # Steps per mm for extruder stepper
extruder.hotend.default_feed_rate               600              # Default rate ( mm/minute ) for moves where only the extruder moves
extruder.hotend.acceleration                    500              # Acceleration for the stepper motor mm/sec²
extruder.hotend.max_speed                       50               # mm/s

extruder.hotend.step_pin                        2.8              # Pin for extruder step signal
extruder.hotend.dir_pin                         2.13             # Pin for extruder dir signal
extruder.hotend.en_pin                          4.29             # Pin for extruder enable signal

epsilon_current                                 1.0              # Second extruder stepper motor current

Any suggestions? I'll see if I can get my scope on the input and output of the driver tonight to see if I can spot anything, but any hints as to what the problem may be will certainly be welcome.

As long as you are only using normal pins and/or gnd and/or 5V pins, there is no risk of burning anything, so you can just experiment.

Re: Pause button by arthurwolfarthurwolf, 19 Oct 2016 09:34

My concern is hooking it up wrong and shorting out the board, should i use an EN1, DIR1, ST1 pin thru the switch to ground or is there a better option. Im only asking because i understand to pick a pin, just is there consequence for the wrong one??

Re: Pause button by bgrude407bgrude407, 19 Oct 2016 01:45

You want calibration if your arm length and tower radius is not 100% the exact value, Smoothie uses it to find the right value.
You want delta-grid if your bed is not 100% flat, Smoothie will probe and compensate for that.

Re: ZGrid Benefits by arthurwolfarthurwolf, 18 Oct 2016 21:02

*Smoothie project looking for talented JS Devs !*
*Looking for work ? Looking to help the community ? Read ahead !*

The Smoothieboard has this awesome Ethernet interface that allows users to control the board with a web interface, and we have been under-utilizing that for years now. Lots of untapped potential.

We've been working on a really great project called fabrica. Think of it as what you get with a classic reprap monochrome LCD screen, but using a web interface, and 100x better.
Github :
Presentation :

We are looking for people to help us as volunteers ( it's an Open-Source project a lot of people want to exist ), but we are also looking for people who would be ready to work on this for hire ( on a per-bounty basis ).

If you are a web developer with good javascript knowledge, please don't hesitate to contact us at moc.liamg|ruhtra.flow#moc.liamg|ruhtra.flow

*Please reshare on social media :)*

Just looking to turn off Z-Grid, but before I do, What are the benefits of having z-grid over a the regular calibration. Using a delta bot.

ZGrid Benefits by CloudExileCloudExile, 18 Oct 2016 20:58

There is no risk of burning anything if there is nothing connected to it.

And yes, setting the current to 0 disables it.

Is there any way to disable a stepper driver when there is no motor connected?
I have a 3 axis cnc but a 4 axis board and I don't want to fry the driver if I give a command to the motor by mistake

I tried settings these settings as follows:
extruder.hotend.enable false
delta_current 0.0

as said Z should always be 0
but you set it to -4.8
Is it correct?

Re: zprobe on delta printer by KarabasKarabas, 18 Oct 2016 09:34
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