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All options

All of the options currently supported by the Extruder module :

~ Option ~ Example value ~ Explanation

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This is the new format which allows multiple extruders. The old format is deprecated. The old “one-extruder-only” configuration options will still be valid for backward compatibility, but it is recommended not to use them.

For example where before you used extruder_steps_per_mm you must now use extruder.-module-name-.steps_per_mm.

Here are the G-code commands currently supported by the Extruder module : 

  • g0/g1 : Move to the given coordinates. The F parameter defines speed and is remembered by subsequent commands ( specified in millimetres/minute ) (command is modal)
  • g10 : Do firmware extruder retract
  • g11 : Do firmware extruder un-retract
  • g90 : Absolute mode ( default ) : passed coordinates will be considered absolute (command is modal)
  • g91 : Relative mode : passed coordinates will be considered relative to the current point (command is modal ). Make sure you use g92-e0 to reset the extruder position every layer.
  • g92 : Set current position to specified coordinates ( example : g92-e0 )
  • m17 : Turn the active stepper motor driver's off
  • m18 : Turn the active stepper motor driver's on
  • m82 : Set absolute mode for extruder only
  • m83 : Set relative mode for extruder only
  • m84 : Turn the active stepper motor driver's on
  • m92 : Set this axis' steps per millimetre. For example m92-e100 to set for the currently active Extruder, and m92-e100-p2 to set for the second extruder.
  • m114 : Displays XYZ position, as well as the E position of the currently active Extruder
  • m200 : Set E units for volumetric extrusion - D<filament diameter> set to 0 to disable volumetric extrusion, for example : m200-d3.0 to set for the currently active Extruder, and m200-d3.0-p3 to set for the third Extruder.
  • m203 : Set maximum rate for axis, set E for Extruder axis or V for volumetric extrusion limit, for example : m203-v10 will limit extrusion moves to no faster than 10mm^3/s. m203-v0 disables.
  • m204 : Set acceleration in mm/sec^2, E<nnn> sets extruder only move acceleration, for example : m204-e500. P selects the extruder, uses the currently active extruder if omitted.
  • m207 : Set retract length S[positive mm] F[feedrate mm/min] Z[additional zlift/hop] Q[zlift feedrate mm/min], for example : m207-s4-f30-z1
  • m208 : Set retract recover length S[positive mm surplus to the M207 S*] F[feedrate mm/min], for example : m208-s0-f8
  • m221 : S<flow rate factor in percent> : Set flow rate factor override percentage for current extruder
  • m500 : Save volatile settings to an override file
  • m503 : Display volatile settings

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